About Me

The original Nerdabilly.com was hatched in the fall of 2001 as an online portfolio and showcase of my college works. The original vision was to have a site showcasing my own work as well as tutorials and info on anything I deemed tutorial-or-info-worthy. In some ways, this blog is a continuation of that idea. Now, years later, the site had only ever had one major overhaul and was showing the signs of its age. So I decided to make it a blog instead.

I work mainly as a Flash developer now, although I do find myself delving into JavaScript and XML on occasion, so expect some insight into my daily trials and discoveries of the world of Flash.

What does nerdabilly.com mean, anyway?

Funny you should ask!
The name “nerdabilly” came to me in a dream during the summer of 2001.  The name is a combination of “nerd” (which, at this point, needs no further elaboration) and “rockabilly,” and was inspired by the tendency of rockabilly fans to add the suffix “-(a)billy” to any imaginable root. It’s not “nerd Billy” (which I presume would belong to a poindexter named William) or “nerd ability” (which is closer, since this site does show my nerd abilities, but still not correct.)

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