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Nerdrodamus was wrong.

Back in January of last year, I made a post called “Nerdrodamus Predicts” where I predicted the iPad would go the way of the Lisa.

Turns out that both the real Nostradamus and I were roughly equal in our knowledge of the iPad.

I’ve noticed an uptick in traffic to that post, which means that someone somewhere is probably calling me an idiot on the Internet.

To which I say: good point, anonymous troll!

I’ve had an iPad since July of last year, and though I don’t get as much use out of it as I’d expected to, the tablet market took off in a way that few people expected, with the iPad at the helm. In other words, my prediction was dead wrong.

Up next: I predict the spectacular success of the Zune.


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St. Paddy’s Day quick update.

Another new year, another blog outage and subsequent rebirth.

Here’s a couple of quick things:

  1. Looks like I wasn’t the only one after all. Last year, most of my traffic was driven by queries like “I hate bigresource” and “bigresource blocker.” Last month Google announced, in much more diplomatic terms, that they’d listened to the complaints. Thanks, Google. You shall continue to be my search engine of choice.
  2. I’ve switched jobs twice since my last update. I’m still a Flash developer but hoping to get into more mobile and HTML5 development. More on that as it pans out.
  3. I’m working on my first Chrome extension. I’ve found the process to be fun, challenging, and rewarding. As I move forward with it hopefully I will post my ideas, thoughts, and tips.

Now go enjoy a Shamrock Shake while you still can.

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