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If you’re having trouble downloading trials from Adobe…

Here is nice blog post that should help

I thought I’d spread the word, having gone through this twice already this week.


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I Am So Smart! S-M-R-T! (or, the continuing saga of this blog being down and up and down again and back up again)

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time (and I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you haven’t), you’re well aware of the downtime, feed changes, URL changes, host changes, etc.

Much of the turmoil can be directly attributed to me being a cheapskate and not fixin’ things when it came fixin’-things-time.

First, I had a paid blog-hosting account on GoDaddy. That got a little pricey, so I switched to a free blog option on their service.

That broke the RSS feed, because it inserted banner ads at the top, making the XML invalid.

So I transferred to

That broke the RSS feed, because I couldn’t use the domain anymore with the free service, and the URL changed.

So a few months ago, I coughed up the modest fee for domain hosting on WordPress, and got a blog running ad-free with my old domain.

That broke the RSS feed, because the old host was at and the new feed is at

Since most people get their blogs via readers and aggregators, this was a huge problem.

So I dug and dug and tried to come up with a fix, but it seems the bargain-basement blog hosting option doesn’t allow that level of customization.

It was then that I noticed that if I add a page in WordPress, the short URL looks like a virtual path.

So I just made a page called “blog”

Voilá! (more on how much I hate that word later). was now a valid URL again!

Now I just needed to get that /feed path in there.

Turns out, in WordPress, if you add /feed after a page’s URL, you get a feed of the comments.

So I posted a comment on the blog page explaining the new feed URL.

Now, if you go to, you get a valid RSS feed that shows an article explaining the changes. My many (and by “many” I mean roughly 7) subscribers can be updated and change their reader settings accordingly.

Ideally, I could just have the old feed URL redirect to the new feed URL, but I still haven’t learned my lesson about being a cheapskate. I’ll use the Rube Goldberg way for now.

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