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Nerdrodamus Predicts….

At the end of 2010, Steve Jobs will dig a hole in the desert and fill it with iPads.

I’ve got an itch to make a Flash game where you play Steve Jobs filling up a hole with iPads. I haven’t thought this idea entirely through.

And like I always say, if I had the time to do that, I wouldn’t spend it doing that.


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Custom Component Crashes Flash CS4 (and how to fix it..)

By now some of you are probably familiar with Crash Flash CS4’s bad crashing habit.

The majority of these crashes can be fixed with the 10.0.2 Hotfix, but I was consistently seeing one that the update didn’t fix.

On Mac OS 10.5.8, with Flash CS4 10.0.2, Flash would crash anytime I tried to add a custom component I had built and put in the Components library. I have been developing and using this component for almost 4 years, and had never seen this problem before.

I tried every fix that Google had to offer, including dumping fonts, resetting flash, deleting preferences, re-building the component, and nothing worked. Every time I tried to add that component to my Flash file, it would crash without fail. (Or maybe with fail, since it was, after all, crashing….)

I was going through everything, trying to figure out what the problem could possibly be, and I noticed that in the component’s FLA file, there was an entry that was nothing but a period underneath the other folder locations.

That one little dot can crash Flash

Removing that period and re-exporting the SWC solved the crash problem.

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